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Bathroom Remodeling In Waterloo, NE

Transform your bathroom into a space that promotes wellness, relaxation, and efficiency. Get your bathroom remodel in Waterloo now!

Bathroom Remodeled In Waterloo Nebraska - HMC Construction

A bathroom remodeling in Waterloo, NE, is an upgrade most homeowners here will need eventually. Bathrooms naturally become less efficient due to extensive use, and no homeowner will ever want to deal with damaged fixtures, dated tile work, or an ugly vanity. 

Besides, our needs constantly change, and if our bathrooms fail to meet them, it’s clearly time for a quick upgrade. If you’re searching for solutions for your upcoming bathroom remodeling in Waterloo, NE, Home Matters Construction is here to deliver the finest, most reliable service!

Tony Inzauro

Tony Inzauro – Owner of Home Matters Construction

Hi, I’m Tony Inzauro, owner of Home Matters Construction. My personal approach and honest communication will give you the confidence and peace of mind to finally start your project and enjoy watching your home become your personal heaven. I love working on basements because of all that unused potential, and I made it my mission to help homeowners tap into that huge benefit!

An Unbeatable Bathroom Remodel Service

Finding a skilled contractor can be overwhelming. You’re not just looking for anyone; you want someone who can bring your project to life effortlessly. With Home Matters Construction Omaha, you’ll find the best in the area.

Get ready to enjoy:

Get Inspiration From Our Portfolio!

Browse through our finished bathrooms and see what we can do to yours!

75+ Baths remodeled

25 years of construction experience

3-year craftsmanship warranty

Tony Inzauro owner of Home Matters Construction

Ready to learn more about your bathroom remodel or get a free quote to start your project? Fill out the form here or give us a call at (402) 661-0910. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Neighbors Loved Working With Professionals

We’ve helped many homeowners in Waterloo, NE, and the surrounding areas with their new kitchens. Let us show you what makes us your best choice.

Lindsay Colton​


Home Matters managed the complete renovation of our master bath (gut and replace) and updating of 2 other bathrooms. Their communication was very good, the quality of the work was excellent, all of the subcontractors that were in our home were very professional.

It was a lot of work and the project took longer than the initial estimates, but we are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Naomi Hattaway​


We needed a quick turnaround of a flooring job. The carpet needed to be ripped out due to damage, and a new floor product installed. The crew was innovative (we had a VERY challenging design element in the space), responsive to both our needs and our budget, and quick! No quality was spared in their efficiency, and we would hire them again.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost In Waterloo, NE

Transform your bathroom with our exceptional renovation services in Waterloo, NE, and surrounding areas. Our projects start at $20,000 and can reach up to $70,000 for larger spaces, offering luxurious features like heated floors and elegantly tiled glass walk-in showers. 

With a proven track record, we have successfully completed projects ranging from $10,000 to $90,000, ensuring that we can bring your vision to life, no matter your budget. Experience the difference with our expertise and turn your bathroom into a masterpiece!

What influences the bathroom remodeling cost:

Bathroom Size Square Feet Average Cost
3' x 5' 15 $1,800 - $4,100
4' x 6' 24 $1,900 - $4,400
4' x 8' 32 $3,900 - $8,800
5' x 7' 35 $4,200 - $9,600
5' x 8' 40 $4,900 - $10,900
5' x 9' 45 $5,500 - $12,300
5' x 10' 50 $6,100 - $13,700
6' x 6' 36 $4,400 - $9,900
6' x 8' 48 $5,900 - $13,100
6' x 9' 54 $6,600 - $14,800
6' x 10' 60 $7,300 - $16,400
7' x 9' 63 $7,700 - $17,200
8' x 8' 64 $7,800 - $17,500
8' x 10' 80 $9,800 - $21,900
9' x 10' 90 $11,000 - $24,600
10' x 10' 100 $12,200 - $27,400
10' x 12' 120 $14,700 - $32,800
11' x 9' 99 $12,100 - $27,100
12' x 13' 156 $19,000 - $42,800
Item Average Cost*
Fixtures $300 - $2,500
Showers $400 - $4,000
Vanity $300 - $3,000
Countertops $200 - $1,000
Light fixture $50 - $300
Exhaust fan $30 - $350
Flooring $300 - $1,800
Doors & windows $200 - $1,500
Paint $50 - $200
Mirror $30 - $500
Plumbing $400 - $2,000

* Prices are subject to change due to factors that impact labor or material costs. Contact us for your bathroom remodeling project so you can get a more accurate pricing estimate.

A Remodel Where You Don't Worry About Anything

Remodeling stress? Not anymore! We’ve tackled homeowners’ top concerns. No hassle, just solutions.
Bathrooms are not only affordable but also hold great value in terms of return on investment and intrinsic worth. We provide cost-effective upgrade solutions and flexible financing plans, ensuring you can enhance your bathroom without depleting your savings all at once.
We highly value and respect your time, as well as our own, and are committed to minimizing avoidable delays at the job site. Our ultimate goal is to complete your project within the agreed timeline, ensuring you can fully enjoy your new space as we seamlessly transition to our next project.

A New Bathroom As Quickly As 1-2-3

Our process is carefully designed for your comfort and well-being. We want you to enjoy this upgrade, and we guarantee your satisfaction!



Get in touch with us, share your vision, and we’ll help you out with advice and insights about your new bath.



Once the design and materials are chosen, we start working based on our timeline.
Lilly Kitchen After



A 5-year workmanship warranty gives you the peace of mind you’ll need to enjoy your new bathroom!


As with any remodeling project, your selections will influence the price a lot. A freestanding tub will cost more than a regular tub, and your choice of tile and flooring also matter a lot.

The expenses associated with your bathroom renovation may escalate further if you intend to reconfigure the layout, which would entail relocating plumbing fixtures. On average, the cost for a bathroom remodel in Papillion, La Vista, or Omaha begins at $15k – $20k.

A bathroom remodel in Papillion, La Vista, Bellevue, and other parts of Nebraska may require a permit, depending on the scope of work. At HMC, we take care of all the permitting requirements for your bathroom remodel, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the paperwork while you enjoy the transformation of your bathroom. Who is going to be working on my bathroom remodel?

We complete all bathroom remodeling projects with our in-house team of craftsmen and carpenters while partnering with trusted, licensed contractors.

The duration of your bathroom remodel depends on the size and scope of the project. Typically, we can complete most bathroom remodels within a timeframe of 3 to 4 weeks.

While it is not necessary to move out when remodeling your bathroom, we highly recommend considering staying with a friend or relative if it is your only bathroom.

 Throughout the remodeling process, we take meticulous precautions to ensure that any dust or debris is kept away from the rest of your home, and we diligently maintain a clean and organized worksite at the end of each day. The remaining areas of your house will continue to function as usual.

Bathroom Remodeled In Nebraska By HMC

Get The Best On The Job And Ensure A Lasting Investment

The longer you postpone the commencement of your project, the more arduous it becomes. At Home Matters Construction, we wholeheartedly prioritize our clients’ needs and endeavors. We offer cost-effective solutions for your new bath, guaranteeing affordability and enduring quality craftsmanship. Our goal is to create a timeless bathroom that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Tony Inzauro owner of Home Matters Construction

If we’ve convinced you to finally get the remodel you’ve been dreaming of, give us a ring at (402) 661-0910 or request a quote from the button below, and we’ll circle back within a business day.

(takes 1-2 min)


Erinn Pospisil​


Home Matters Construction wants you to be happy and they will do what it takes to make sure you are. I was looking for someone to repair my home after a large hail storm hit the entire neighborhood. I reached out to Tony and he couldn’t have been nicer and more patient when explaining the whole insurance and repair process – as was his office staff.

His roofing and gutter crew was great – very polite and respectful of my space. I was very happy with my decision to go with Home Matters – they worked very hard for me.

Kimberly Zuzenak​


Home Matters is a must hire! The team is fantastic! They provided extremely friendly service that was not intimidating!

Their care and concern to provide the finished product I had in mind was truly a blessing. This was my first large project, and they stood by me every step of the way. They maintained a neat workspace and made the entire process a dream come true!

Thank you Home Matters!

Waterloo, NE, a charming town steeped in history, is located in Douglas County and offers an array of attractions for both locals and visitors alike. Notably, two of its most famous landmarks include the Waterloo State Bank building, renowned for its beautiful architecture, and the Two Rivers State Recreation Area, a sprawling park that offers picturesque picnic spots, camping sites, and fishing opportunities. The town’s history and unique landmarks contribute to Waterloo’s rich character and community charm.