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Replace Kitchen Cabinets In Papillion, NE

Upgrade the functionality and style of your kitchen with the help of our kitchen cabinet replacement services here in Papillion, NE.

Replace Kitchen Cabinets In Papillion, NE

Homeowners in Papillion looking for kitchen cabinet replacement services can trust us as their go-to team of professionals. With years of focused experience, we guarantee not just an upgrade but a transformation of your kitchen space. 

Instead of facing the frustration of ill-fitting cabinets and wasted space, enjoy flawlessly fitted storage solutions that elevate both function and style.

Choosing our professional cabinet replacement services means sidestepping the common pitfalls of DIY projects or lesser quality work. Avoid the headache of mismatched finishes and unstable installations. 

Instead, revel in the seamless beauty and enhanced utility that our expert craftsmanship provides, making your kitchen not only look better but work better for your daily needs.

Replace kitchen cabinets with experts

Our dedication to excellence has revolutionized the kitchen cabinet replacement industry in Papillion, NE. We’ve set new benchmarks for quality, ensuring every project exceeds expectations. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Why Professional Kitchen Cabinet Replacement is a Solid Investment

Investing in professional kitchen cabinet replacement means more than just a visual upgrade; it significantly increases your home’s value, offering a high return on investment (ROI). 

Imagine preparing a family meal with ease because your kitchen is now optimized for efficiency, thanks to our expertly designed cabinets. 

Here’s how our service stands out as a solid investment:

Updated kitchens are a top priority for homebuyers. Our cabinet replacements can significantly increase your property value.
Maximize your kitchen’s functionality with cabinets tailored to your storage needs, making daily life smoother.
Modern cabinets, designed with sustainability in mind, can help lower energy costs by improving kitchen usability and appliance accessibility.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Having Their Kitchen Cabinets Replaced

Most homeowners use this opportunity to make additional upgrades, enhancing their kitchen’s overall functionality and aesthetics. 

Here are common additions:

Your New Kitchen Cabinets Could Look as Good as These

Your kitchen transformation could mirror the stunning results showcased in the photos below, serving as excellent inspiration for your own project. Each image captures the quality and expertise we bring to every job. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

80+ kitchens remodeled

25 years of construction experience

3-year craftsmanship warranty

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Costs In Papillion, NE

Understanding that no two kitchen transformation projects are alike, providing an exact quote without fully grasping your specific requirements isn’t feasible. 

However, a median cost for our exceptional kitchen cabinet replacement services typically hovers around $5,000. Remember, this figure is just an estimate until we can discuss your unique project details.

Cabinet Type Cost per Cabinet Cost per Linear Foot
Stock Cabinets $220 – $500 $100 – $400
Semi-Custom Cabinets $250 – $850 $150 – $700
Custom Cabinets $600 – $1,600+ $500 – $1,200

Top Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers You Should Consider

Selecting the right manufacturer is key to ensuring the quality and durability of your new kitchen cabinets.
Renowned for their customizable options and exceptional quality, ensuring a perfect fit for any kitchen.
Offers a mix of affordability and style, ideal for homeowners looking for modern, budget-friendly solutions.
Known for their fine craftsmanship and elegant designs, Thomasville cabinets add luxury to any kitchen.
Provides a wide range of styles and finishes, focusing on functionality and innovative storage solutions.
Delivers a perfect blend of quality, service, and value, offering free design services with every project.

What Your Neighbors In Papillion Say About Us

We’re incredibly thankful for the glowing reviews from our satisfied customers. Their feedback fuels our commitment to excellence. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Kyam Calvert


Tony and his crew were great – they remodeled our kitchen. The craftsmanship was awesome. High attention to detail. Very polite, just the type of dudes you’d prefer to have working in your house. Tony was up front about everything, no hidden costs or weird surprises. I’d trust these guys to do just about anything.

Austin Embroidery​


Tony and his crew remodeled a family kitchen for me and it far surpassed my expectations. His people were super nice as my family was living in the residence. I wouldn’t call anyone one else!

Benefits of Working With Us Here at Home Matters Construction

Choosing Home Matters Construction means partnering with seasoned professionals devoted to the art of home transformation. Each team member, respectful and polite, ensures your experience is as top-notch as the work they deliver.
Investing in our skilled services means your kitchen cabinets are done right the first time. This precision avoids frequent repairs, saving you money over time with durable and long-lasting installations.
Our designs stand out for their beauty and functionality. We craft spaces that aren’t just a joy to look at but are also highly practical, making your kitchen a focal point of your home.
With years of experience under our belts, our team’s expertise is something you simply can’t find elsewhere. This knowledge ensures efficiency, innovation, and a swift project completion that exceeds expectations.

3-Step Process For Succesful Collaborations

At Home Matters Construction, our aim is to make your kitchen upgrade as effortless as possible. We handle the complexities, so you can focus on the excitement of transformation. Our process is streamlined into three simple steps:
Design process.



Discuss your vision with us. We listen and plan to meet your needs.
Two men working on a wall.



Our experts get to work, transforming your kitchen with precision and care.
Remodeled kitchen with grey cabinets and mozaic countertops



Revel in your new kitchen, designed for your comfort and satisfaction.
A modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets and a light wood dining table with metal chairs.

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement In Papillion, NE - FAQs

Each project is unique, but on average, a complete kitchen cabinet replacement in Papillion, NE, takes about 2 to 4 weeks from start to finish. This timeline can vary based on the complexity of your project and our current schedule. 

The kitchen cabinets cost, wood cabinets, cabinet doors, and labor costs are all significant factors influencing the overall cost and time frame of the replacement.

Absolutely! Customization is one of our strengths. We work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring the final product is exactly what you envisioned for your kitchen cabinets. 

With options like flat panel and raised panel cabinet doors, semi-custom cabinets, and a range of wood cabinets, we can create custom cabinet boxes, drawer fronts, and cabinet doors to replace existing cabinets, all while keeping kitchen cabinet costs reasonable. 

Our skilled team can transform old cabinets into a focal point with new kitchen cabinets that fit your kitchen layout, no matter the size. 

Save money without compromising on quality by choosing our affordable option for a cabinet replacement project that enhances your cabinetry and overall kitchen aesthetic.

Yes, we encourage it. We have a portfolio with photos of past projects and can provide samples of materials and finishes so you can make an informed decision with confidence.
We strive to minimize disruption as much as possible. While some inconveniences are unavoidable, we plan our work schedule to ensure that your kitchen remains as functional as possible throughout the process.
Getting started is simple. Just reach out to us for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your needs, preferences, and budget to provide you with a detailed proposal.
While we can’t provide an exact quote without knowing the specifics of your project, kitchen cabinet replacements in Papillion, NE, typically start at around $5,000. We will discuss your unique needs to give you a more accurate estimate during our consultation.

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Tony Inzauro
Tony Inzauro

Investing in quality kitchen cabinets is the game-changer many homeowners wish they’d done sooner. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a smart investment

Renewing your kitchen boosts your home’s value and everyday enjoyment. Don’t wait to make this valuable improvement

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Papillion, NE, showcases a vibrant suburban lifestyle by combining small-town charm with contemporary conveniences. Renowned for its picturesque parks such as Walnut Creek Recreation Area and the iconic Papio Fun Park, the city attracts families and nature lovers alike. At its heart lies the impressive Shadow Lake Towne Center, providing a wide range of shopping and dining options, establishing Papillion as a gem of the Midwest.