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Shower Door Replacement And Installation In Papillion, NE

Upgrade your bathroom and say goodbye to water leaks with the help of our shower door replacement and installation services here in Papillion, NE.

Shower stall with half glass enclosure and black shower head and handle

Homeowners in Papillion, NE, looking for shower door replacement services can count on us to be their trusted professionals. For years, we’ve provided top-notch service, ensuring that your bathroom makeover not only meets but exceeds expectations

By choosing our team, you avoid the frustrations of poor installation, like leaks and drafts, and instead enjoy a well-sealed, beautiful shower door that enhances your bathroom’s appeal.

Our dedication to excellence has made us the go-to experts in Papillion for all your shower door needs. With us, you don’t just get a service; you receive a promise of durability, functionality, and aesthetic fit. 

This means no dealing with recurring water damage or unsightly gaps. Opt for our professional installation, and look forward to a shower space that remains both functional and elegant, improving your home’s value and your daily comfort.

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors

Get Your Shower Door Replaced & Installed By Experts

Our unmatched service quality and benefits have revolutionized the industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence. Discover the game-changing advantages of working with us. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Why Replacing Your Shower Door Is a Good Investment

Investing in our shower door replacement service isn’t merely about enhancing the look of your bathroom. It’s about solving everyday issues efficiently. 

Consider this scenario: you’re rushing in the morning and the last thing you need is water leaking onto the floor, risking slips or water damage. 

By opting for our high-quality installation, you not only eliminate such inconveniences but also increase your home’s value and save on future repair costs.

Top 3 Benefits of Our Service

Our precise installation ensures a tight seal, preventing water leaks and protecting your bathroom floor from water damage.
An updated bathroom with a modern, well-installed shower door is a strong selling point, should you decide to move.
Upgrade your bathroom’s look with our wide range of stylish shower door designs that suit any decor.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Replacing Their Shower Door

Many homeowners use the opportunity of replacing their shower doors to make additional upgrades, creating a more enjoyable and functional bathroom space. 

Here’s what they often add:

Here's How Big of an Impact A Shower Door Has On Your Bathroom's Looks

Your bathroom transformation could look just as impressive as the photos below, serving as the perfect inspiration for your own project. These images showcase the high-quality results our team consistently delivers. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

80+ kitchens remodeled

25 years of construction experience

3-year craftsmanship warranty

Shower Door Replacement and Installation Costs In Papillion, NE

A frameless shower door typically ranges from $600 to $1,900 including installation. For a new framed glass shower door, you’re looking at $400 to $1,100 installed. 

Custom frameless shower doors can cost anywhere from $1,400 to $3,300 with installation.

Frameless glass shower enclosures come in at $800 to $3,600, while shower glass itself is priced at $12 to $50 per square foot.

Door Type Average Installation Cost
Framed $400 – $1,100
Frameless $600 – $1,900
Semi-frameless $500 – $1,550
Curved/Neo-Angle $900 – $2,000
Shower Screen $300 – $1,000
Custom $1,400 – $3,300

The Top Shower Door Manufacturers

When it comes to selecting the finest materials for your shower door replacement and installation, partnering with reputable manufacturers is crucial. 

We have established strong relationships with the industry’s leading names, ensuring that every product meets our high standards of quality, durability, and design

Our top manufacturers include:

Choosing any of these top manufacturers not only guarantees a high-quality product but also ensures that your bathroom’s new shower door will be a focal point of beauty and functionality for years to come.

Real Testimonials From Your Neighbors In Papillion, NE

We’re incredibly thankful for the positive feedback from our satisfied customers in Papillion. Their endorsements motivate us to maintain our high standards. 

Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Kyam Calvert


Tony and his crew were great – they remodeled our kitchen. The craftsmanship was awesome. High attention to detail. Very polite, just the type of dudes you’d prefer to have working in your house. Tony was up front about everything, no hidden costs or weird surprises. I’d trust these guys to do just about anything.

Austin Embroidery​


Tony and his crew remodeled a family kitchen for me and it far surpassed my expectations. His people were super nice as my family was living in the residence. I wouldn’t call anyone one else!

Benefits of Working With Us Here at Home Matters

Choosing us means working with seasoned professionals dedicated to top-tier craftsmanship. Our team respects your home as if it were their own, ensuring polite and supportive interaction throughout your project.
Our expert installation saves you money in the long run. By doing the job right the first time, you avoid the headache and costs of constant repairs down the line.
We offer a wide selection of beautiful shower door designs. Whether you’re looking for something modern or more traditional, our designs enhance your bathroom’s overall look.
Our years of experience in the field mean there’s hardly any challenge we haven’t seen. This expertise ensures that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

3-Step Process For Smooth Collaboration

Choosing us for your shower door replacement means enjoying a hassle-free process from start to finish. Our unique approach simplifies everything, ensuring homeowners can relax and look forward to the outcome without stress. Here’s how we make it happen:
Design process.



We listen to your needs and preferences to tailor the perfect solution.
Two men working on a wall.



Our team of experts executes the plan with precision, keeping you informed.



Revel in the beauty and functionality of your new shower door.
With us, the path to upgrading your bathroom is as straightforward as collaborate, build, and enjoy. We’ve got everything covered, allowing you to experience the joy of transformation with minimal effort on your part.

Shower Door Replacement & Installation In Papillion - FAQs

A frameless shower door installation typically costs between $600 and $1,900. Opting for a new framed glass shower door will run you $400 to $1,100. Custom frameless shower doors with installation can range from $1,400 to $3,300. 

Meanwhile, frameless glass shower enclosures are priced between $800 and $3,600, and shower glass itself ranges from $12 to $50 per square foot.

Most shower door installations are completed within a day, ensuring efficient work and top-notch quality. Whether it’s a custom shower enclosure or a new frameless glass door, our professional installers handle shower door replacement and installation projects expertly.

Contact us for a labor warranty and a low-cost, high-end bathroom remodeling service using the most popular types of glass doors.

A new shower door can completely transform your bathroom, enhancing its brightness and modernity. We offer a wide range of styles to match your decor, ensuring your new glass shower door complements your bathroom beautifully. 

Our professional installers can handle shower door replacement and installation, including frameless shower doors and custom shower enclosures. Upgrade your bathroom with our glass shower door installation services today!

Yes, we can! Our team has vast experience in handling bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. Whether you have a compact space or a more complicated layout, we can tailor a solution that fits perfectly. 

Our professional installers specialize in shower door replacement and installation, glass shower door installation, frameless shower doors, custom shower doors, and more. 

We ensure high-quality work at an affordable cost, providing you with a complete bathroom remodeling service for your ultimate satisfaction.

Yes, we stand behind our products and services with solid warranties. During our initial consultation, we’ll provide you with all the warranty details specific to your chosen custom shower doors and bathroom remodeling services. 

Whether you need shower door replacement and installation, glass shower door installation, frameless shower doors, or other projects, our professional installers will ensure a high-quality installation. 

Rest assured, we offer competitive shower door installation cost and labor warranty for your peace of mind.

Maintaining your new shower door is simple. We recommend regular cleaning with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner to prevent water spots and buildup. 

For the installation of glass shower doors, our professional installers will provide specific care tips based on the type of door you choose.

We’ll handle most of the preparation work, but clearing the bathroom area of personal items and providing a clear path for our team would be helpful. We aim to minimize any inconvenience to you during installation.
Our schedule can vary, but we always aim to start new projects as soon as possible. Once we’ve discussed your needs and you’ve chosen your shower door, we’ll set a start date that works for both of us. Feel free to reach out for the most current timing.

Upgrade Your Bathroom's Functionality Today

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Tony Inzauro

Invest in your bathroom with our services for a stylish upgrade that you’ll wish you had made earlier. Our expertise includes glass shower door installation, providing a functional and modern touch.

This wise investment enhances your home’s value and daily life. Contact (402) 661-0910 today, and Home Matters will guide you through every step of the process.

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Papillion, NE, is renowned for its vibrant community and picturesque landscapes, distinguishing itself as a must-visit location. Among its notable landmarks are Walnut Creek Recreation Area, providing outdoor enthusiasts with lush trails and serene fishing spots, and SumTur Amphitheater, offering a venue for unforgettable cultural events. Papillion’s blend of natural beauty and community spirit makes it a unique gem in the heart of Nebraska.