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Kitchen Island Installation In Omaha, NE

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Kitchen Island Installation in Omaha Nebraska

Installing a kitchen island is a highly sought-after upgrade in our recent kitchen remodel projects. These upgrades cater to small and large families alike, offering additional countertop space and a cozy spot for a nice breakfast. 

Kitchen islands’ popularity is well-deserved, as they provide countless benefits. Plus, the possibilities for customization are endless, including options like lighting, extra storage, and even speakers!

At Home Matters Construction Omaha, we take pride in our extensive kitchen installation and remodeling experience. Let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

Kitchen Island Newly Installed Omaha by Home Matters Construction

Kitchen Island Cost Of Installation

The cost of a kitchen island can vary widely based on several factors, including the size, materials used, design complexity, and additional features. Here’s a breakdown of potential costs:
Type Cost Range Description
Basic Kitchen Island $500 to $2,000 Enhance your kitchen with a compact and elegant island crafted from quality materials like wood or laminate. This versatile addition may feature a sleek countertop, convenient cabinetry, and even a selection of drawers or shelves for extra storage. Elevate both style and functionality in your culinary space with a well-designed kitchen island.
Mid-Range Kitchen Island $2,000 to $5,000 A mid-range kitchen island offers superior craftsmanship, premium materials, intricate designs, and versatile options for storage and seating. These semi-custom kitchen islands may include a luxurious stone countertop, personalized cabinetry, and the potential for built-in appliances.
High-End or Custom Kitchen Island $5,000 and above Crafted with premium materials like marble or granite, high-end freestanding islands boast bespoke cabinetry, exquisite designs, and specialized features like built-in wine racks, refrigerators, or prep sinks. The price can rise substantially depending on the extent of customization and the use of luxurious materials.
Whether it’s a galley island, u-shaped island, custom-built kitchen island, or an Ikea ready-to-assemble one, HMC Omaha provides beautiful kitchen features that make your day-to-day life easier and more comfortable.

Must-Have Kitchen Island Upgrades

Consider these five kitchen island upgrades that homeowners in Omaha, NE, or any location, can explore.

Enhance the kitchen island’s countertop by upgrading to a premium stone material like granite or quartz. These exquisite materials offer a luxurious appearance, providing exceptional durability, scratch resistance, and effortless maintenance.
Enhance your kitchen island with custom cabinetry to optimize storage space and achieve a personalized aesthetic. Tailor-made cabinets can be crafted to accommodate specific items, offering specialized storage for pots and pans or convenient pull-out shelves. Keep in mind that the choice of cabinet doors will define the island’s style, so choose wisely.
Incorporate built-in appliances into the kitchen island to enhance functionality. This could include features such as a wine cooler, dishwasher, or microwave. Built-in appliances save space and add convenience to the kitchen workflow.
Enhance your kitchen with a thoughtfully designed multi-level island featuring different counter heights. This clever layout adds versatility, providing a higher level for convenient meal prep and a lower level for casual dining. Not only does it optimize functionality, but it also brings visual interest to your space.
Upgrade the lighting above the kitchen island with stylish pendant lights or recessed lighting. Lighting can significantly impact the overall ambiance of the kitchen and highlight the island as a focal point. Consider fixtures that complement the kitchen’s style and color scheme.

At Home Matters Construction, we offer a wide range of upgrades for your convenience. We have everything you need, from modern kitchen gadgets to stunning island enhancements!

Professional Kitchen Island Installation Vs DIY

While some may attempt to install kitchen islands independently, crucial aspects are often overlooked. Here are three advantages of collaborating with a professional, contrasting the potential pitfalls of a DIY project.

Professional installers can offer fully customizable kitchen islands tailored to your specific needs and preferences. They have the kitchen design expertise to create a unique island that complements your kitchen’s layout and style. From personalized storage solutions to specialized features, professionals can turn your vision into a functional and aesthetically pleasing reality.

Reputable professionals often offer warranties on their workmanship, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of the installation. For instance, a 5-year workmanship warranty showcases the installer’s trust in their skills and materials. This warranty period guarantees prompt resolution of any installation-related issues at no extra cost to you within the specified timeframe. Rest assured, your investment is protected.
Professionals aim to make the installation process as smooth and comfortable as possible for homeowners. From the initial consultation to the final touches, they guide you through each step, keeping you informed and addressing any concerns. Their experience allows them to anticipate potential challenges, offer solutions, and ensure that the installation is completed efficiently and without unnecessary disruptions to your daily life. This approach keeps you comfortable throughout the entire process.
Marble Kitchen Island Installed in Omaha by Home Matters Construction

At Home Matters Construction, we offer a wide range of upgrades for your convenience. We have everything you need, from modern kitchen gadgets to stunning island enhancements!


When planning, carefully consider the size and layout of your kitchen, the island’s desired features—whether it be storage or built-in appliances—and any electrical or plumbing requirements. Moreover, seek professional guidance to ensure the selection of suitable materials and design elements that harmonize with your kitchen aesthetic.
Compliance with local building codes and regulations is crucial, particularly when dealing with electrical work, plumbing, or structural modifications for a kitchen island. Engaging a professional ensures adherence to these codes, averting potential complications during inspections or subsequent usage.
The installation duration can vary depending on factors like project complexity, island size, and additional features. On average, a professional installation typically spans from a few days to a couple of weeks, contingent upon project specifics.
A warranty on workmanship, such as a 5-year warranty, provides assurance in the quality of the installation. It covers any issues related to the installation process within the specified timeframe, giving homeowners peace of mind and protection against unexpected problems.
Hiring a professional ensures precise installation, compliance with building codes, and efficient work. Professionals have the expertise needed to handle various aspects, including leveling, structural integrity, and any electrical or plumbing requirements, resulting in a functional and safe kitchen island.

A Quality Kitchen Island That Serves You And Your Loved Ones

If you’re considering a complete kitchen remodel or simply adding a new kitchen island, look no further than Home Matters Construction Omaha. We’re here to assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams, surpassing your expectations with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Let us transform your space a culinary haven that perfectly reflects your vision and style.

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