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Kitchen Remodeling In Valley, NE

Transform your kitchen into a space you'll be truly proud of with a quality kitchen remodel in Valley!

New Kitchen Remodeled In Valley Nebraska

A kitchen remodel is an exceptional home improvement project that ensures your home aligns with your long-term needs and evolving preferences. In Valley, Nebraska, kitchen remodels can vary in cost, ranging from $25k to over $100k.

At Home Matters Construction, we offer competitive pricing for kitchen remodels, along with comprehensive remodeling services provided by reliable kitchen remodel contractors. Our goal is to streamline your journey and prioritize you and your family, allowing you to fully embrace the excitement of this remodel and enjoy its transformative effects.

Type Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Minor Kitchen Remodel - Midrange $28,327 $20,478 72.3%
Major Kitchen Remodel - Midrange $82,580 $28,564 34.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel - Upscale $164,137 $43,969 26.8%
Tony Inzauro

Tony Inzauro – Owner of Home Matters Construction

Hi, I’m Tony Inzauro, owner of Home Matters Construction. My personal approach and honest communication will give you the confidence and peace of mind to finally start your project and enjoy watching your home become your personal heaven. I love working on basements because of all that unused potential, and I made it my mission to help homeowners tap into that huge benefit!

Guaranteed Success With A Complete Kitchen Remodel

We are fully committed to exceeding your project expectations, providing you with the exceptional advantages of collaborating with a highly skilled contractor. We consistently go the extra mile on every project we undertake, and yours is certainly no exception!

With us, you’ll get:

Get Inspiration From Our Portfolio!

Our extensive expertise in kitchen remodeling showcases exceptional skills and craftsmanship that can transform your new kitchen. Check out our portfolio for innovative ideas to seamlessly integrate into your space.

80+ kitchens remodeled

25 years of construction experience

3-year craftsmanship warranty

Tony Inzauro owner of Home Matters Construction

If you have any questions about our kitchen remodeling process, pricing, or materials, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (402) 661-0910 or click the button below to request a free quote. We assure you that we will respond promptly within one business day to discuss your plans in detail.

Your Neighbors Loved Working With Professionals

We delight in seeing our clients embrace their newly transformed space. Here’s what homeowners have to say about working with Home Matters Construction.


Kyam Calvert


Tony and his crew were great – they remodeled our kitchen. The craftsmanship was awesome. High attention to detail. Very polite, just the type of dudes you’d prefer to have working in your house. Tony was up front about everything, no hidden costs or weird surprises. I’d trust these guys to do just about anything.

Austin Embroidery​


Tony and his crew remodeled a family kitchen for me and it far surpassed my expectations. His people were super nice as my family was living in the residence. I wouldn’t call anyone one else!

Kitchen Remodeling Cost In Valley, NE

Embark on your kitchen renovation journey in Valley, NE, and the surrounding areas with prices starting at $40,000. For larger spaces adorned with luxurious cabinetry finishes and state-of-the-art appliances, costs can exceed $100,000. Our expertise lies in transforming kitchens ranging from $20k to $90k, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality regardless of your budget.

What influences the kitchen remodeling cost:

Cabinetry 29% $6,700
Installation and labor 17% $4,600
Appliances and ventilation 14% $3,800
Countertops 10% $2,700
Flooring 7% $1,900
Lighting 5% $1,400
Backsplash 5% $1,400
Walls and ceilings 5% $1,300
Doors and windows 4% $1,100
Faucets and plumbing 4% $1,000

At Home Matters Construction, we prioritize your satisfaction and convenience. Our goal is to design a kitchen that perfectly aligns with your needs and lifestyle. With our seamless process, collaboration becomes effortless, focusing on you, your time, and your investment. Trust us to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results.

We're Taking Care Of Everything For You!

Our main goal is to simplify remodeling in Valley, NE, eliminating stress and inconvenience. We’ve considered the most common concerns.

Kitchen remodeling projects have a significant price tag, but they offer a remarkable return on investment. Our dedicated team is committed to working within your budget and can provide access to flexible financing plans to jumpstart your project.

We value your time and ours and strive to minimize on-site delays. Our main goal is to complete your project within the specified timeline, so you can enjoy your new kitchen while we efficiently assist the next homeowner.

A Simple, Quick, And Effortless Kitchen Remodel

Get in touch with us, share your vision, and we’ll help you out with advice and insights.



Get in touch with us, share your vision, and we’ll help you out with advice and insights about your new kitchen.



As soon as we pick the design and materials, we get to work according to our timeline.

Lilly Kitchen After



Your new kitchen is ready to host the best family gatherings you’ll ever have!


If you’re doing electrical or plumbing work for your kitchen remodel, a permit may be required. Don’t worry, we’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and permitting process for you. We’ll give careful attention to your project’s unique requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the cabinets, countertops, and appliances are usually the most expensive aspects. Considering your design and preferences, it is advisable to allocate a minimum of 35% of your budget exclusively for cabinets and countertops. This ensures a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing kitchen transformation.

In the majority of instances, you don’t have to vacate your residence while undergoing a kitchen remodel. We will implement measures to safeguard and isolate the construction area, effectively preventing the dispersion of dust and debris. This will enable you to continue utilizing other rooms in your home without disruption or inconvenience.

A kitchen remodel takes between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on material and vendor supply and the size of your space.

Kitchen Remodeling Ralston Nebraska

Remodel Your Kitchen With A Pro That Puts You And Your Investment First!

Acquiring a new kitchen in Valley is a significant milestone for you and your family. This investment is truly worthwhile, as it not only adds value to your property but also fills you with a sense of pride. With your stunning new kitchen, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the chance to host friends every weekend.

If we have successfully persuaded you to pursue the remodel you’ve been yearning for, please feel free to contact us at (402) 661-0910 or click the button below to request a quote. Rest assured, we guarantee a response within one business day.

(takes 1-2 min)

Vince Rukstalis


Tony and the crew are VERY professional. Our remodeling project faced the inevitable covid shipping delays. They anticipated and worked around the supply problems, kept the project on schedule. They kept us in the loop, answered all our questions, and did some really great work.

The kitchen lights installation just blew us away! The new floors are simply a delight. We absolutely recommend Home Matters. Tony and his crew will have our next project!


Kyle Frerichs


HMC are great! They were upfront and professional about all aspects of our basement remodel. They worked with us on our floor plan and gave insight about better ways to install or incorporate certain parts of the build.

They gave us exactly what we wanted and everything was held to a very high standard. Everyone was professional, respectful, and very great at their job! I wish I could give more stars on this review. 5+ stars in our book.

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