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Omaha Housing Market: Prices, Trends, Forecast 2024

The Omaha housing market in 2024 is fluctuating in prices, trends, remodels, and more.

This blog is designed to provide an overview of the current home prices, emerging trends, and forecasted patterns in 2024, so you know what are the best projects to invest in, or whether or not you should sell your home this upcoming year.

Omaha Housing Market Prices 2024

Key Takeaways

Omaha Housing Market Overview

Omaha’s housing market shows dynamic trends. Major financial firms, and a diverse local economy add unique stability to this Nebraska housing market.

The presence of Offutt Air Force Base further fuels job growth in Omaha. With an average home value of $277,069 and rising rental rates, it is evident that Omaha’s property values are on an upward trajectory.

A stable employment scene and impressive infrastructural investments signal promising developments for home buyers and sellers alike in this bustling midwestern city.
These all make the Omaha housing market seem promising for real estate investors and home buyers too.

House Market Prices Omaha Trends

Omaha homes are now selling for a median price of $280,000. This is 7.7% higher than last year’s prices.

Most homeowners are getting slightly more money than the list price when they sell their houses, about 102.1% on average to be exact!

Besides, homes sell much faster than ever before, in about 7 adys. Despite all these statistics, people bought less homes this year, compared to last year – only 534 instead of 721.

Home prices in Omaha are set to grow. The rise will be slow but sure, with a 0.6% uptick by July 31 next year. This growth will pick up speed into the following year as well, hitting an increased level of 5.3% by June 30, 2024.

This short-term forecast tells us that now is a good time to buy or sell homes in Omaha due to this expected growth.

The home prices in Omaha may go up and experts see a strong trend for that to happen, at least until 2029. The stable economy of Omaha and the jobs market are two main reasons why that happens – more and more people want to live in Omaha.

Another reason for high property values is industry diversity. Many kinds of businesses work out of Omaha city limits. It draws skilled workers to move here from all-over the country and abroad too, sometimes getting multiple offers on one house.

Trends and Factors Impacting the Omaha Housing Market

A look at the supply and demand dynamics underscores the need for more housing availability. Attention to migration patterns reveals a surge in new residents, elevating demand further.

Supply and demand dynamics

The Omaha housing market changes a lot. These changes come from supply and demand.

Migration and relocation trends

More people move into Omaha now. Here are some migration and relocation trends:

Climate factors

Weather plays a key role in the Omaha housing market. The city sits next to the huge Missouri River and feels all four seasons – hot summers, snowy winters, light springs, and crisp autumns.

These changing climates attract different buyers which mean home sales are high year-round. Some people love houses with big windows for summer suns while some want cozy spaces that keep them warm during snows.

Sellers then need to think about this too as their house features can push up or pull down their selling prices.

Transportation accessibility

Getting around Omaha is easy. The city has made big changes to its transportation system. This makes it a good place to buy a house. There are many ways to travel in Omaha. You can take the metro transit or use the bike trails if you like outdoors.

A lot of people want houses close to these routes just for ease of transport in all seasons.
Omaha’s economy is very strong and varied, pushing up housing sales. Big companies from different fields operate here like insurance firms, financial corporations, railroads and even design firms help make more jobs available!

Offutt Air Force Base is also important for housing demand in Omaha because many workers rent homes nearby.

Forecast for 2024

In 2024, the Omaha housing market is expected to see continued growth led by several factors like lower mortgage rates and high migration rates, although uncertainties remain.

If you’re planning to buy a home in Omaha, you better do it now while prices are still manageable. The quicker you are, the best deal you’ll get on your next home.

Will the market crash or continue to grow?

Omaha’s housing market is doing good. The average home value there is $277,069 right now. This marks an upswing of 2.6% from last year! It’s even better news for sellers, as homes are sold in Omaha for around 102.1% of their list price on the whole.

What can we expect in the future? Experts see real estate prices going up again by next year. The forecast says that home values will grow about 0.6%. This increase will happen by July 31, 2024.

Another prediction tells us to expect a big jump after that too —a full growth rate of up to a whopping 5.3% by June next year! In simple terms – this city’s market won’t crash if it keeps going like this.

Factors influencing market stability

Staying steady in the housing market relies on certain parts. Here are some important ones:

Tips for buyers and sellers in the Omaha housing market

Buying or selling a house in Omaha calls for smart moves. Here are some tips:

Want To Sell Your Home For More?

Undertaking remodeling projects in key areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and basement can significantly enhance your home’s value.

For example, a minor kitchen remodel can bring up to 82.9% ROI, a midrange bathroom 70%, and finishing a basement can recoup over 80% of your cost as well! All these projects will help you sell your property for more, but also much faster.

Even if you’re not planning to sell and move, upgrading the bathroom, kitchen, or basement will enhance the quality of your life and make your day-to-day tasks much easier.


The Omaha housing market shines with promise. Strong job growth fuels steady home price increases, making it a great year to buy your new property in Omaha. It’s a great place for buyers and sellers, offering both stable investment opportunities and fast-moving sales.

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The Omaha housing market in 2024 is showing steady growth with rising home prices due to strong demand.

Trends for the Omaha Housing Market in 2024 include increased property values and a high demand for suburban homes.

It depends on your situation, but adding to its steady growth, buying a house could be beneficial as an investment strategy.

Based on trends, home prices are expected to continue going up as we move further into 2024 and beyond.

Due to robust demand, fewer homes might be on the market – however exact numbers vary from neighborhood-to-neighborhood within Omaha.