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Best Tile For Shower Walls In Papillion, NE

Choosing the right tile for your shower walls in Papillion, NE, can be challenging. Many homeowners want their bathrooms to look beautiful and last a long time. Our guide gives you the best options and tips for picking the perfect shower wall tiles.

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Types of Shower Wall Tiles

Shower wall tiles include porcelain, marble, and ceramic options. Each type offers different benefits for your shower walls.

Porcelain tiles stand out as the best tile for shower walls due to their durability and water resistance. These tiles keep moisture away, making them perfect for shower spaces. They come in various colors and patterns, giving homeowners flexibility in design.

Porcelain is also known for its ability to mimic natural stone or wood textures, offering a luxurious look without the high maintenance.

Cleaning porcelain tiles is easy, which helps maintain a beautiful bathroom over time. Their strong surface resists scratches and stains better than other tile materials. This makes porcelain an excellent choice for both busy family bathrooms and elegant guest baths.

Choosing large porcelain tiles can also reduce grout lines, creating a more seamless and spacious appearance in your shower area.

Marble tile adds a touch of luxury to any shower space. Marble is a natural stone tile, which means every piece brings unique patterns and colors to your bathroom design. It shines in both modern and classic settings, making marble tiles versatile for different bathroom styles.

These tiles are perfect for creating an accent wall or adding elegance to the whole shower area.
Caring for marble requires a bit more attention due to its porous nature. Sealing marble tiles helps protect them against moisture and stains, keeping your shower looking beautiful over time.

Use gentle cleaners to maintain their shine without damaging the surface. Despite needing regular maintenance, many homeowners find the stunning look of marble worth the effort.

Switching from the elegance of marble, ceramic tiles present a practical and versatile option for shower walls. They withstand moisture well and come in many colors and styles. Homeowners love ceramic because it’s easy to clean and resists wear.

You can find everything from glossy finishes to matte textures that mimic natural stone.
Ceramic tile is a budget-friendly choice for your shower. It offers durability without sacrificing style. 

Whether you prefer classic white subway tiles or something more colorful, ceramic has got you covered. With proper installation, these tiles keep your bathroom looking fresh for years.

Elegant Papillion bathroom with best tile for shower walls, dual sinks, and white vanity.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shower Wall Tiles

When choosing shower wall tiles, consider your budget, the size and shape of the tiles, as well as the maintenance required. These factors will impact the overall look and functionality of your bathroom.

Consider your budget when selecting shower wall tiles. Look for options that fit within your financial plan to avoid overspending. Prioritize durable and low-maintenance tiles to ensure long-term cost-effectiveness.

Now, let’s explore the different tile sizes and shapes suitable for your shower walls in Papillion, NE.

When considering shower wall tiles, the size and shape play a crucial role in achieving the desired look and functionality. Opt for larger tiles to create a spacious feel with fewer grout lines, reducing maintenance.

Hexagon or subway tiles can add visual interest, while smaller mosaic options provide slip resistance and intricate patterns for a modern touch. The tile size and shape you choose should align with your bathroom’s overall aesthetics and practical needs.

Finding the right balance will ensure both an appealing appearance and easy upkeep.

Proper maintenance of shower wall tiles is essential to keep them in top condition for years. Regularly clean the tiles using a mild detergent and water solution to prevent the buildup of grime and mold.

Apply a sealant to protect natural stone tiles from moisture damage, ensuring their longevity. Check for any loose or cracked tiles, repairing or replacing them promptly if needed.

By following these simple maintenance steps, you can preserve the beauty and functionality of your shower wall tiles in Papillion, NE without hassle.

Best Tile for Shower Walls In Papillion, NE

Popular Shower Wall Tile Options in Papillion, NE

Consider subway tiles, marble mosaics, hexagon tiles, and large format tiles for your shower walls in Papillion, NE. Learn more about the ideal choices for your space!

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a classic and versatile option for shower walls. These rectangular tiles can be arranged in a traditional brick pattern or stacked for a modern look. 

Their timeless design complements various styles, making them suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Subway tiles are easy to clean, and with less grout lines, maintenance is minimal. They come in different sizes and colors, allowing homeowners to create their desired aesthetic while ensuring durability and moisture resistance.

In Papillion, NE, subway tiles are popular among homeowners due to their ability to brighten up the shower space and make it appear larger. With the right choice of grout color, these tiles can add depth or seamlessly blend into the background.

Marble Mosaics

Marble mosaics are an ideal choice for adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your shower walls in Papillion, NE. The natural veining and stunning variations in color bring a timeless beauty to the space, creating a soothing and spa-like atmosphere.

Its slip-resistant surface provides safety while its moisture-resistant properties ensure durability, making it perfect for shower walls. 

With their ease of maintenance and ability to withstand daily wear and tear, marble mosaics offer both practicality and sophistication, elevating the look of your bathroom with a classic yet contemporary appeal.

Moving on from marble mosaics, let’s explore the unique charm of hexagon tiles as another popular option for shower wall tile designs in Papillion, NE.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are a trendy and stylish choice for shower walls in Papillion, NE. The unique shape adds visual interest to your bathroom while creating a modern look. These tiles come in various materials including porcelain, ceramic, and marble, giving you flexibility in design.

Hexagon tiles are also easy to maintain and clean due to their smooth surface, making them an ideal option for busy homeowners looking for both style and convenience.

Whether you’re aiming for a classic or contemporary aesthetic, hexagon tiles offer versatility that can complement any bathroom style. 

Their smaller size allows for intricate patterns and designs that can elevate the overall look of your shower walls without overwhelming the space with large tile sizes.

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles, such as the popular 12×24 and 24×24 inch options, are ideal for creating a seamless and spacious look in your shower. These tiles require fewer grout lines, making cleaning easier and reducing the chances of mold and mildew buildup.

Additionally, large format tiles create a modern and sleek appearance while providing a sense of luxury to your shower walls.

Leading Shower Wall Tile Manufacturers

Choosing the right manufacturer is key to ensuring quality, durability, and design excellence for your shower wall tiles.
  • Porcelanosa: Renowned for cutting-edge design and top-notch quality, Porcelanosa offers an impressive range of stylish tiles.
  • Daltile: Daltile stands out for its extensive selection, reliability, and commitment to sustainability in tile production.
  • Marazzi: A leader in ceramic and porcelain tile, Marazzi is celebrated for innovative designs and Italian craftsmanship.
  • American Olean: Known for their wide variety and affordability, American Olean tiles cater to every taste and budget.
  • Walker Zanger: This brand is synonymous with luxury, offering exquisite tiles that bring elegance to any bathroom design.


For your shower walls in Papillion, NE, consider moisture-resistant tiles like glazed ceramic or glass tiles. These are great options that keep your bathroom looking fresh and clean.
Yes, using the same tile on both the shower floor and walls can create a seamless look. Just make sure it’s slip-resistant for safety, especially with smaller tiles which offer more grip.
Square tiles and mosaic tiles are very popular. For a unique look, try different patterns like grid or herringbone with contrasting grout colors to add interest to an otherwise simple bathroom.
To make a small bathroom look bigger, use large tiles on both floors and walls. This creates fewer lines and helps space seem more spacious.
In kids’ bathrooms, choosing slip-resistant floor tiles is key for safety. Also consider bright or patterned wall tiles to add fun elements while maintaining clean lines.
Consider adding features like brass fixtures or a glass door to elevate your dream bathroom’s design further than just new tiling choices.

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